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without power. the mayor canceling a new york city tradition, this he has canceled the annual parade in greenwich village. first time in 40 years, jenna, that parade has been canceled. always a wild one. in new jersey governor christie is considering issuing an executive order that would officially postpone the holiday. city sponsored parades and events are canceled across the state. a lot of towns are actually planning halloween events this coming saturday instead. out in ohio government officials are urging caution for parents there as well. high winds postponing halloween there and downed power lines in some parts of the state. hershey, pennsylvania, arguably the chocolate capital of the world take a look at that. that led to the cancellation of all halloween activities. a state of emergency across all of pennsylvania. something tells me halloween will be celebrated one way or another, today, saturday, whenever. i can't imagine too many parents that have young kids like myself saying too bad, no candy. jenna: look what i brought for the set, for the kids up here. they're not eatin
as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. gregg: high stakes in the mile high city. the candidates gearing up for the first presidential debate tomorrow night in denver. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm gregg jarrett. jenna: and i'm jenna lee. a big night for really all americans tomorrow night, hopefully, you're ready for the big event as voters look forward to finally seeing both candidates on the same stage at the same time and hear what they have to say to one another and to us, right? governor mitt romney is hoping to turn turn the tide with a topnotch performance, turning the tide meaning we've seen the polls moving in the direction of the president. so just weeks before the election, this is so important for both candidates. mitt romney's already in denver, he's getting ready for tomorrow's big faceoff as folks in denver get ready for, really, a nightmare traffic situation. major highway is set to shut down during the debate, right in the middle of rush hour traffic. parking at the university of denver also a huge challenge, drivers there are being told to
jersey underwater at this hour, including the resort town of atlantic city. where floodwaters swamped buildings and stranded many motorists. new jersey's governor, chris christie, weighing in on the damage earlier today. >> i will first say to all of you, especially those out there facing loss, devastation, and heartbreaking reality your home may be gone, we're with you. we have a long road ahead of us but i have complete confidence we're going to come out of this better and stronger than before. this state is too tough to give into this type of devastation. jenna: we're still getting a look at some of that devastation in new jersey. across the river in new york city, much of lower manhattan was plunged into darkness as the storm closed in on the city last night. it hurled a record-breaking 13 foot storm surge into the southern tip of the island right where jon was standing yesterday. we'll show you his shot yesterday in a little bit to show you exactly what this looked like. basically in lower manhattan the world's financial capital, was submerged and water was sent pouring into the
watching felix baumgartner's death defying leap 24 miles above earth. he becomes the very first person to break the sound barrier. what a shot we have there. david lee miller in our new york city newsroom with more of these details and, david lee, all eventually went well but there were a few tense moments in this dive, right? >> reporter: indeed they were, jenna. they call him fearless felix for a reason. that is really an understatement. consider this. as he was on his way up to the 24 mile mark, his face plate began to fog over because of the electrical system. he was going to peak make it as a blind leap. fortunately that was not necessary. there was a very frightening moment, seconds after he jumped he began to spin out of control. luckily as the atmosphere thickened he was able to stablize himself. for a moment you can see him spinning. later in a news conference he talked about his thoughts seconds before taking that 24 mile plunge into the record books. >> i know the whole world is watching now and i wish the world could see what i see and sometimes you have to go up really hig
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)